House Rules


We’re using an alternative semi-random staggered initiative system based upon BAB + Dexterity Bonus + Improved Initiative and other normal feats and bonuses + 1d6. Delays and readied actions no longer reset initiative rank, and when characters with multiple attacks from BABs of 6 or greater ready actions, they may choose to abandon their ready and take different legal actions at or after successive initiative ranks, but are otherwise as usual. Actions taken after abandoning readied actions no longer serve as interrupts to the triggering condition of the ready.

Example: Warblade Maltril rolls a 6 at the beginning of combat, and thus acts first in each round with an initiative rank of 22/17—+8 BAB, +4 Dex Mod, +4 from Improved Initiative, and +6 from his 1d6 Initiative Roll. Maltril can take a single move or attack action at initiative 22 and the effects are resolved then. His first attack must use his highest attack bonus, but he can delay to use his second, lower one until initiative 17 or later with no penalty. He could also ready an action at 16 and then abandon it and at initiative 11 or lower take a different action instead. However, his initiative rank remains 22/17 throughout the combat regardless; in the next round, he still acts first again at initiative 22.

Monsters with double (or greater) primary attacks as part of their full attack action use both (or all)all of them at their first initiative. However, if they have no targets available for their secondary attacks, they cannot substitute move or equivalent actions instead.

Yes, this means that canny combatants with higher initiatives can delay down to the end of the turn and thus take two normal actions in close succession—enemies included.

Damage Reduction

We’re also using Monte Cook’s alternative Trumped Damage Reduction system, for much the same reasons he lists in his article. Here’s the essential table for reference purposes (the +2 required to overcome /silver in the original is assumed to be a misprint):

DR Type Enhancement Bonus Exception
/silver +1
/bludgeoning, /piercing, or /slashing +2
/adamatine or /cold iron +3
/[alignment-based] +4
/magic N/A

House Rules

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