Misfits of Faerun

Previously, on Misfits of Faerun --

- Maltril, Madeel, and Shamus arrive at Abarat’s Folly early for their meeting with a party of six elvish Harper Misfits who have been assigned to investigate and secure the tower; they notice some disturbed vegetation at the tree line and follow a trail that leads to one of the elves who is lying near a small pool, unconsious, wounded, and feverish.

- Just as Madeel has finished curing the elf’s disease and wounds, three skeletal banetail wolves burst out of the underbrush and attack; the party strikes them down, though one manages to slip its serrated, razor-sharp tail blade through Madeel’s armor and wound her badly.

- The doubled pack leader appears moments later and charges straight for the elf, who awakens just in time to blast it back with a strange psionic power; it rises and charges her again, ignoring the attacks of the party; this pattern continues until it is finally destroyed.

- Liliren, the elf, explains that she and her companions were attacked by a Hillsfar scout patrol several days earlier; she alone was able to escape and fled to Abarat’s Folly but was tracked down and attacked by a previous pack of skeletal banetail wolves that she barely defeated, after which she crawled away to hide, rest, and recover.

- Madeel takes samples of the banetails and discovers in the leader’s remains an unusual Polypin of Disguise, which acts as a Hat of Disguise that can be altered to fit any usual item’s slot.

- Liliren provides the names of the Harper Misfit agents in Hillsfar – Corwin and Magda Bleak, proprietors of the Silver Lily shop – and the party decides to infiltrate the xenophobic city and rescue as many as possible of the other five elves.


- Using Shamus’s remarkable disguise skills and the Polypin, they succeed in entering Hillsfar under false identities—but as they reach the Lily, they find its doors and windows broken in, and the nearby area under close observation by pairs of the city’s Red Plume guards.

- Meanwhile, the ship upon which S’sor, Madeel’s Aasimar cousin and a cleric of Lurue, has bought passage is blown aground by a storm; the crew will need several days to work it free again, and at the wordless urging of his god, S’sor sets out to the west instead of waiting.

- Successfully avoiding attention, the party eavesdrops on conversations in the city’s center plaza and learn that the Harper Misfit agents were arrested as spies several days ago and are to undergo tortured confession in the Arena for the public entertainment tomorrow.

- Further investigation reveals that the southwest entrance is their best bet to find the prisoners quickly; they secure nearby lodgings with a suitable view, and after night falls they lay a false trail of suspicion by first badger-rolling a drunken Thayan wizard and then using his clothing while badger-rolling two off-duty drunken Red Plumes.

- Later that evening, again disguised and Polypinned, the three infiltrate the underlevels of the Arena; using a Silence spell, they surprise a Loviatar-worshipping Red Plume major in the middle of torturing Corwin Bleak, and easily defeat her, the Captain and guards of the cells, and Tornok, the minotaur champion of the Arena, losing one one prisoner whose panicked flight results his death under a guard’s sword.

- Meanwhile, S’sor is awakened at his campsite by a passing group of Thayans and slaves, and again at his god’s urging, rises to follow them.

- Only one of the elvish party remains among the prisoners, a Fighter named Aebilar; the others have been bought by the Thayans, reportedly for use in “the Arboretum”.

- As the bodies of the Red Plumes are looted, a strange fetish is found woven into Tornok’s neck fur; a thief among the prisoners is used to open the barred cabinets holding their clothing, while the prisoners are disguised using the equipment of the dead or unconscious Red Plumes uniforms, and all make their escape from the Arena handily.

- The “Misfit”Harper_Misfit_PRC agents depart, heading to their planned escape route, while the commoners are given 100 GP apiece and told to make themselves scarce; Shamus hoists the Red Plumes’s arms and armor to a hiding place on the roof of a nearby building, after which the party scouts the Thayan enclave and times their patrols.

- Waiting until the outermost Thayan patrol is almost at the far side of the enclave, the party rushes the blind side of the Experimental Arboretum, only to be surprised by a ‘Roper Oak’—nevertheless, they quickly and quietly overcome it, and then the two pairs of guard patrolling the Aboretum’s perimeter.

- After defeating the Roper Oak at the next corner, they rush the entrance guards, who blow their whistles and fall back to use their bows; after a brief scuffle and some pursuit all the guards are killed.

- Two merchants being drained by Blood-drinker vines are found; the vines are killed and the merchants rescued.

- Shamus identifies the strange wooden globe in the center of the Arboretum as a Chauntean Sphere, with an added ‘Crawling Carpet’ enchantment; when the latter is activated, a deep, iron-runged shaft descending through the solid rock beneath the city is revealed.

- As the party and desperately weak merchants and elf make their way through the worked tunnels under the city, the Thayans and their slaves enter the far end, followed cautiously by S’sor.

- Due to the Thayan leader’s loud attempts to control the All-Devouring Hunger set to guard the far end of the secret Thayan passage, the party gains the awareness advantage; unfortunately they waste the opportunity to ambush the enemy and are forced to fight the Hunger and the Thayans simultaneously.

- Thanks primarily to Madeel’s strength of faith and arms, the Hunger is destroyed before it can infect any more victims; simultaneously, Shamus overcomes the Thayan Wizard-Chameleon with Eldritch Blasts while Maltril duels the Thayan weapons master and eventually drives him into retreat, and S’sor keeps the Thayan guards occupied, protects the slaves, and ultimately strikes down the fleeing weapons master with a last bow-shot.

- As the surviving Thayans run off into the night, the party frees the third elf, a fear-deranged bard who has been chained down to serve as an incubator for a second All-Devouring Hunger, and discovers a strange Chameleonic Pseudosymbol and a Folding Boat filled with Fan Tokens in the dead Thayans’ equipment; the latter is just the thing needed for a quick getaway by the party, now including S’sor, accompanied by the rescued merchants and two synasthetic female slaves, while the two freed elves head south into Cormanthor to a nearby portal.


- Over the next several days, some of the party acquire skill in sailing under the direction of the merchants while heading north – an examination of the slaves reveals that the grime in the hair, on their skin, and under their nails is particular to Melvaunt, which thus decides the party’s next destination.

- Unfortunately, they are overtaken by the Spiked Maiden, the most notorious pirate ship on the Moonsea, so named for its previous captain’s habit of using the most beautiful of her victims as figureheads, and now led by a dual-rapier-wielding mute known as either Captain Tongueless or Tongue-Cutter, the latter for his habit of amputating the tongues of those who displease him.

- Nevertheless, in an epic battle that nearly costs all their lives, the party boards the Spiked Maiden and defeats the horde of pirates, their Nimblewright captain, the drow Enchantress 1st officer and her charmed squad of archers and crossbowmen, the anthropophagic drow were-ape bosun, and the arcanoborged cleric helmsman whose crippling, desperate self-removal from the ship’s invasive tubing triggers its self-destruct function.


- Having narrowly escaped the Spiked Maiden’s explosive end (but not so narrowly enough that they could not have rescued the slaves still aboard belowdecks in time), the party changes plans and instead lands east of Phlan several days later with over a dozen pirate captives, who are marched into the city and turned over the local authorities to serve out their sentences at hard labor, rather than being executed or sold into slavery as they would in Melvaunt.

- An agreement is reached with Phlan’s city council, led by the town’s surprisingly literate female half-orc Sheriff and Chief Councilor, to retroactively provide the party with limited rights of marque, whereby the party receives a lump sum of 10,000 GP immediately while the Councilors arrange for the city to receive the much larger full bounty for the Spiked Maiden and its crew offered by their neighbor Melvaunt, though at a discount and mostly in the form of needed construction services and materials.

- Madeel seeks out a local alchemist and discusses the nature of the Spiked Maiden’s destruction with him, eventually concluding that it was some form of gas explosion created by acidic action; the party buys out most of his standard stock and provides the merchants with some starting funds for their new lives.

- The party sails east to Melvaunt and meets there with Ulbyn Blackhammer, the local “Harper Misfit”Harper_Misfit_PRC agent; he informs them about the local politics and notable persons and locations, and arranges for much of their loot to be deposited in the Misfit Library under Maltril’s name.

- While Shamus takes rooms at the two most popular local inns – the second set done while in disguise to serve as the party’s spooker – Maltril, Madeel, and S’sor take the synasthetic slaves to the temple of Lliira, where the Thayan tatoos are removed and they are healed of their sensory dysfunction; one chooses to stay as an initiate of the temple while the other plans to return home to her wizardly family in Thentia.

- Late that evening, while the party transports the loads of arms and equipment to Ulbyn’s shop, Madeel notices two thugs following behind, and brashly turns back to walk directly into them; they take the hint and disappear down an alleyway.

- Ulbyn makes his displeasure at the party’s late arrival quite clear and sends them away, but the next morning Madeel sweetens up the disposition of the hobbit bard, merchant, and spy with a basket of fruit, after which more serious consultating is done; Ulbyn promises to check his sources for any leads regarding the elves, while the party circulates through the city Gathering Information.

- In the morning, Madeel arranges for masterwork pins to be made depicting her proposed emblem for the party, to be known henceforth, and by unanimous agreement, as the Moonsea Mavericks.

- In the afternoon, Madeel and Shamus team up to tour – and scan, via Detect Evil and Magic respectively – the docks and ships, while S’Sor and Maltril lurk behind; the clouds seem to part so that shafts of brilliant sun beam down just upon the beautiful Paladin and handsome Warlock as they stroll arm in arm together, attracting the gaze and admiration of all who see them and inspiring within their hearts one of those unforgettable moments in life composed solely of the pure experience of joyful beauty, without any envy, jealousy, covetousness, or the like.

- The party meets again at Ulbyn’s at sundown; Madeel reports that there is a rumor cirulating that one of the prominent citizens of the city is a Harper spy; Ulbyn replies, with massive irony; “No, really? You don’t say!”, and the rest of the party snickers in amusement at the puzzled look on Madeel’s face.

- Ulbyn reports that no elves matching the descriptions of the three remaining missing Misfits have been sold or seen in Melvaunt recently; the best suggestion he can make is for the party to investigate the Devil’s Fire Tavern, which his sources say may be connected somehow to the city’s black market in slaves; some of the cheap labor hired to renovate the location after its current owner, Corwyn Jaffe, ‘acquired’ it about a year ago, later disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

- The party again disguise and Polypin themselves, this time as devotees of Shar (!?), and proceed to the Devil’s Fire Tavern, an establishment with a reputation for good ales and wines but bad company; they take a table near two thugs whom Madeel immediately recognizes.

- As a Paladin, Madeel does not exactly have the most experience with deception and concealment, and so one of the thugs overhears her ‘whispering’ her identification of them to the rest of the party from behind her mug of ale; the thugs use their pre-established signal to inform the barmaid that these new customers are suspicious types, and she takes a plate of sliced fruit and cheese arranged in a coded way to convey this information over to Corwyn Jaffe, seated in the far corner behind curtains with two potential customers for his ‘side business’.

- Jaffe changes the positions of the items on the platter to tell the barmaid to use a particular plan, whereupon she returns to the kitchen area and fakes a grease spill and fire, screaming her lungs out; the barkeep, aware of the plan, instructs everyone to leave immediately as the tavern has just closed to business, and refuses to back down at the party’s attempts to stay longer, at which point they also depart.

- Madeel continues to demonstrate how Paladins do not substitute at all well for Rogues as she immediately drinks a Potion of Invisibility once she is out of sight through the doorway and then attempts to sneak back into the tavern, her plate armor creaking and clinking the whole while; Jaffe and his compatriots of course hear her, and Jaffe skillfully, with the same words, calms their fears while simultaneously convincing Madeel to give up her attempt as a bad idea, and she retreats, as Jaffe lifts his mug in a sardonic toast, with the door audibly being barred behind her.

- One of the two thugs is noticed farther down the main road observing the party, though well=concealed in a patch of shadow; Shamus flies around to the back of the shadowed alley in question while the rest of the party move towards him, and when he turns to retreat the party rush him as one, capturing him easily, while his partner in the next alley beyond flees.

- Shamus attempts to intimidate the thug, named Biggs, and succeeds so well that the rest of the party notice a faint ring of black flames flickering around his head that are only observable through peripheral vision; the terrified thug wets himself and answers all questions put to him.

- After their interrogation, the party turn Biggs loose to find his partner Biggers and convince him to also leave town, then return to the Devil’s Fire Tavern; Biggers, however, has already warned Jaffe that this group has captured Biggs, and Jaffe has quickly called in some nearby freelancers he keeps on retainer to defend his tavern and has had them blockade the door and windows.

- While expecting only to be given free food and drink for the evening in return for waiting to handle a potential break-in that never actually occurs, the freelancers are still well-prepared to do so, and as the party starts their attempt, a cry for the city guards goes up from the nearby rooftops; strangely, it stops almost immediately afterward.

- S’sor, the first to enter, is caught in a Hold Monster spell and nearly killed by the half-ogre Barbarian blocking his path; Shamus shatters the crates blocking his assigned window, flies in, and from the ceiling knocks both the freelancer Wizard and Cleric into disablement with his Eldritch Blasts, as Madeel and Maltril force their way in to engage Jaffe and the Barbarian in melee and Soti, Madeel’s steed, smashes her way through the door.

- The Cleric of Mask recovers, heals himself by spell, and flees the combat; the Wizard drinks a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds but is killed almost immediately afterwards; the Barbarian is struck down and Jaffe attempts to flee to his secret escape route, but is disabled by Madeel as she leaps recklessly down the shaft after him and knocks him flat.

- As Soti peers out the doorway, on guard, Maltril climbs out a side window in pursuit of the Cleric of Mask, but a Small figure dressed in blacked leather with a black cloak and a black mask appears, laboriously dragging the unconscious freelancer by a leg, and drops him in front of Maltril, then smoothly contiunes walking past, only raising a finger to his lips in the common gesture for silence as he goes; a few moments later Ulbyn’s daughter Keprina (‘Kepper’) arrives, and after hearing about the secret trap door, ticks through a selection of papers in her vest and hands a letter marked “3” to Maltril, asking him to have Jaffe sign it.

- Upon receiving the signed deed of sale for the Devil’s Fire Tavern, Kepper hands Madeel a bag of 500 platinum pieces for Jaffe and happiy strolls back out the door again; the party quickly removes any signs of their presence and closes the secret trap door above them as they set out to explore the rooms below with the mostly cowed but entirely bewildered Jaffe as their guide.


- Jaffe attempts to roll up a piece of parchment along with some cloth when allowed to catch his pet viper, but S’sor notices and confiscates it; Jaffe is knocked unconscious and then woken up again, and now surrenders completely.

- With the Barbarian and Cleric tied to the hands and feet of their Wizard partner’s corpse, Jaffe leads the party down the several miles of tunnels, through the portcullis trap he installed, to the sea caverns where the guard dogs and slaves are kept; the party easily captures the three pirates present and frees the slaves, including the fourth elf, loading all onto the useful Floating Boat again and sailing east.

- Albin Gladhammer, the second priest of the Temple of Gond in Melvaunt, is among the slaves and takes them under his care after the party puts them ashore east of the city; Jaffe and the freelancers are cut loose and told to take the east road and that if they are ever seen in Melvaunt again they will be killed out of hand; they all depart without complaint, glad to still be alive, and the party then sails west down the coast to the bandit-pirate camp.

- The party locates and storms the bandit-pirate camp, killing two while the rest flee, and negotiating for the life of the fifth elf with the lieutenant of the Bandit Lord Wexler, who walks out with 500 GP for his clever troubles; the slaves are freed and the party sets up camp at the site for that day and night to allow them time to recover before heading back to Melvaunt.

- The fifth elf informs the party that Fyleine, the last elf, is the group’s sage, and has been taken by Wexler, along with two strong male peasant slaves, to an unknown location; according to the information passed down by successive groups of slaves kept here, Wexler appears to have a buyer or market for particularly special slaves, and the round trip to this person or location is no less than twenty days.

- The party returns to Melvaunt and guides the slaves to the Temple of Gond, where Albin is more than happy to see them and to put these additional victims under the temple’s care; he also asks if he may attempt, in gratitude, to make some modifications to the party’s Folding Boat, and they accede.


- The party consults Ulbyn’s main competition in Melvaunt’s Loot Resale niche, Hermuk, for magical assistance in locating the last elf; Hermuk is only too glad to serve as the go-between to a high-level mage able to cast Locate Person, and Keprina returns from the Misfit Library with the Maverick’s withdrawals only to be send straight back again for Fyleine’s personal item on file there.

- Shamus magically determines that the cloth which Corwyn Jaffe was attempting to conceal is indeed a treasure map; it marks the location of a place known in legend as “Vorbyx’s Watchtower”, which the famous First King of Thar is supposed to have made his home and keep early in his career.

- Having nothing better to do, the Mavericks travel to Vorbyx’s Watchtower, a small natural rock mesa with large unnatural inhabitants, and overcomes them all, including the 10-headed flying hydra that has been raiding commerce on the Moonsea shore roads; in the loot, they discover a large, 3-foot jade rod with carvings depicting the history of Vorbyx’s rise, which fits into a compass rose carved onto the back wall of the Watchtower’s highest floor and reveals a map to Vorbyx’s Tomb, the legendary Vault of Vorbyx which is said to contain the secret of his power.

- Still having nothing better to do, the Mavericks travel to the Vault and find a large jade disc apparently serving as the door, but after S’sor inserts the Jade Rod into a hole at its top and the party rotates it in place through main strength, tendrils erupt from it and drive themselves into S’sor’s arm, draining his blood into a receptacle at the top while the disc’s surface changes into a 3-by-3 square of runnel sides and holey vertexes with numbers in their middle, and its edges become a set of 16 plugs and cups.

- After a few moments of panic while the disc begins to click its way back to the upright position, the Mavericks realize that it is a magical pressure lock of an abusively gruesome nature, and that the plugs and cups should be placed in the vertexes so that a measure of S’sor’s blood will be retained or not in each one such as to equal the number in each square when the disc reaches the upright position again and his blood drains down out of the receptacle in the top; they succeed in deducing the proper positions and the tendrils retract while the jade disc turns mostly transparent.

- They enter the Vault, survive the traps inside, and defeat the guardian War Troll hidden in Vorbyx’s false sepulchre as a mocking voice informs them that this is only a false Vault created by Vorbyx to trap and kill his enemies and those who would loot his tomb; unwisely, they do not pause to heal and rest before activating the exit, and in the process of defeating the three Blood Apes that are thereby summoned, Maltril is killed.

- They return to Melvaunt and collect the 5,000 gp reward for the hydra offered by the City’s Council of Lords, and Maltril is raised from the dead by Albin, who places his body on a conveyor belt leading into a huge, strange machine in the back recesses of the Temple of Gond which he then operates, with loud crashes, bangs, flashes of light, and screaming and grinding noises; its creator originally designed it to temporarily strip the souls from living subjects for purposes of research, and thus installed a reverse gear, whereby it can be used to rejoin the souls of the dead with their bodies.

- Madeel summons her Steed only to be astonished at the appearance of a dracolion, a mix of dragon and lion; it is Reginald Aureus etc., one of Torm’s four Herald Beasts, who has been assigned to Madeel as her Paladin’s Steed to support and guide her as one of the three founding members of the Triumvirate’s new elite order of the Hands of the Triad.

- Albin has also finished his modifications to the Folding Boat, which he has given a third form capable of flight; the Mavericks test it a safe distance from the city, while Madeel becomes acquainted with her new flying steed, and all perform well; the boat is named the Something Clever.

- Keprina returns with the new Misfit Library withdrawals and Fyleine’s personal item, and the next day Hermuk provides the party with the last elf’s location; the Mavericks leave immediately and several nights later pass over a hidden camp below with guards, and, as it turns out following their magically silenced surprise rapid-rope descent from the Something Clever and victory, Bandit Lord Wexler, who gives up the information on his longtime premier customer Vorbyx the Reborn, to whom he has just sold Fyleine, with just a little prodding.

- The Something Clever proceeds to the stronghold of Vorbyx the Reborn and as it descends towards the outer gate of the palisade around the fortified hill, one of the orc guards atop it bellows, “Arrr, come to try yer luck, have ye?”

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